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Styling the Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Wilmington NCBathroom remodeling is a tricky task indeed and we at Wilmington Building and Remodeling know exactly how to help you. Our contractors remain completely up to speed when it comes to knowing what the consumer base wants. Hence your uncertainties and doubts are what we handle best! When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you need to have a general perspective of what you want.

Close your eyes and envision yourself standing in a bathroom that fits your every desire and need. Every item in a bathroom down to the towel holder work in synchronization with one another to provide a set theme. The most important thing which can’t be stressed enough is knowing what you want. Most bathrooms have a single color theme and it is usually recommended to stick to that tradition. However that doesn’t mean you are bound to that, experiment all you want, our services are at your disposal!

Many things come into play when remodeling a bathroom; flooring, bathtubs, showers, shower heads and so on. Hence it is important for any consumer to know what their options are when it comes to these things. Also before you decide to remodel your bathroom, find out the general market prices that these items are sold for so that you have a general idea of what you want. Once you have thoroughly researched and decided everything for yourself, our contractor will lay out the pricing scheme and construction schedule for your bathroom! There are a few factors about bathroom remodeling that we should now discuss!


Tile Flooring in Bathrooms Wilmington NCThe flooring of a bathroom sets the tone for everything else and you need to be careful in which type of floor you want. Bathrooms are usually always wet and damp so a wooden floor for a bathroom may not be the best way to go. Tiles are the rule of the day when it comes to bathroom flooring. Tiles are much easier to clean with many of the grime cutting cleaning products that are readily available today.


The most important thing in your bathroom when it comes to appearance is the bathtub. Many people opt for traditional tubs and it is by far the safest way to go. However you may also want to look into the bowl shaped bathtubs which work just as well and have a more fun oriented experience! Jacuzzis are also a trendy option when it comes to choosing a tub for your bathroom!

Showers and faucets

A long bathtub is usually coupled with a shower and that is one of the reasons of why it is so popular. Though walk in showers are also a great option if you don’t have enough space in your bathroom for a tub! Faucets are important to the appearance of your bathroom and you should choose carefully! Remember that stainless steel is the best way to go when installing faucets in your bathroom.

All in all when it comes down to remodeling your bathroom we at Wilmington Building and Remodeling have all the solutions to your questions and needs!

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