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Hardwood Flooring Wilmington NCWhen it comes to installing a new floor or refurbishing an old one a lot of time and energy is invested. Flooring an entire house can take up to a week depending on how large the house is. However we at Wilmington Building and Remodeling can make your life a lot easier with our top of the line service.

When it comes to flooring a homeowner should stay in tune with what’s new and if it right for his or her house. Many types of flooring are readily available on the market and each come with their unique advantages. For example wood flooring is easy to clean and much more hygienic than carpeting. A substantial amount of factors have to be taken into account before you choose which flooring best suits your needs!

There has been a rise in ceramic tile flooring over recent times and many customers just find other flooring types a hassle. That is truly not the case, each flooring type is just as good as the other! However one should be aware of what causes problems in their home, for example a house with a termite infestation should generally not use wood flooring. Hence one should be aware of the problems in their home which may affect the flooring they use. Mostly all flooring is barefoot flooring exact tiling. Let us now discuss some of the various types of flooring that you can install in your home.

Types of Flooring


Tile flooring is hard to install and it requires an experienced team of constructors. Tiles come in different sizes which can be anywhere between 1 sq.foot to 3 sq.feet. The larger your home is, the larger one tile should be. The tiles themselves are rather expensive as well and a customer should stay in tune with the prices of singular ceramic tiles. Once a room has been tiled it should stay unused for at least 24 hours so that the concrete beneath the tiles has firmly hardened! Ceramic tiling is easy to clean and though the grout lining between the tiles is much harder to clean!


Hardwood flooring is not recommended for areas with high humidity. Wood expands in prolonged dampness and highly humid areas speed up that process. However a hardwood floor is definitely a beautiful sight to see. The dark plywood offers a great appearance to any household and it is hard to go wrong with hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is rather fragile and are greatly affected by scratches. It is also considered a type of barefoot flooring considering its frailty!


Installing carpets on your floor is very appealing to many people. It is comfortable to walk on, and you have a large number of options to choose from while selecting carpets. However carpets are much harder to clean in comparison to other types of flooring. In some cases they also present a safety hazard because of the fumes they emit. After a carpet has been dug in however, it poses no more of these hazards and is a great alternative to the other types of flooring!

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