Sunrooms in Wilmington, NC

Bask in a Sunroom

Sunrooms Wilmington NCSunrooms are one of the best ways to let the outdoor world into your home. A well made sunroom is a great place to be in at anytime of the year. It is somewhat like a gallery to the outdoors in your very home! We at Wilmington Building and Remodeling can you provide you with any type of sunroom that fits your needs.

When it comes to building a sunroom, location is the most important factor. A customer must know which room in his or her house will provide the best views to the outside world. A sunroom that faces towards a thicket or treeline is rather pointless. You want to let the outside world exhibit itself completely while you are in your in sunroom.

Many people have fears and doubts about sunrooms considering that it is primarily made of glass. Sunrooms have a vulnerability to nature and it is up to the customer to choose proper strong panels which can endure natural phenomenons such as hailstorms. It is recommended that you stay away from a sunroom if a hail storm breaks out! Take no chances in compromising your own safety! Sunrooms are greatly economical and they can pay for themselves over a couple of years! Use solar panels to generate power for a portion of your house using a sunroom. With that being said let us now discuss some of the major types of sunrooms.


The conservatory sunroom is an old aged design and it has a perfect blend of tranquility and beauty. Conservatories are usually separated from the main home structure but are connected via a support beam. The only side not covered by glass is the side you enter the conservator from. Conservatory sunrooms are absolutely great for relaxation and peace! A conservatory sunroom is usually dome structured and the ceiling is also primarily made of glass paneling.

3 Season Sunroom

A 3 season sunroom is intended for warmer climates hence if you live in a predominantly cold area such as Canada, a 3 season sunroom may not be the best for you. A 3 season sunroom is usually constructed on a patio like structure and is great for relaxation and absorbing the sun. A 3 season sunroom uses large panels of glass instead of smaller panels and this is less energy efficient as compared to a 4 season sun room.

4 Season Sunroom

A 4 season sunroom is exactly what it sounds like, a sunroom built to withstand all types of climates. A 4 season sunroom is primarily constructed in colder climates where snow is a big factor in day to day life. Otherwise known as solarium 4 season sunrooms are great for saving energy. Install a few solar panels on your 4 season sunroom and you’re looking at saving a fortune on your electricity bill!

Sunrooms are a great way to liven up your house and raise its value, and Wilmington Building and Remodeling contractors can provide you with the best service to make it possible!

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